A feeling of what will be subconscious tomorrow

"Future Ghost Wilderness" is the debut album of Fura Bliss, who started as a painter. "There always is sound when I'm painting and while composing there are always pictures emerging." This synesthesical character shows through all his aural movies.

His music is deeply grounded in an earthen and highly emotional setting. Combining electronic drones and field recordings with soundfonts of acoustic instruments like trombones or a drunken piano Fura Bliss researches the different energies of our physical and psychic reality.

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Future Ghost Wilderness

Debut Album out now.

It has been released on 15. August 2007 at the international music fair
in Cologne  c/o pop, the "urban festival for electronic music, indie,
club and pop culture".

Give your best.

"Now. Now. Now.
With all your love to share.
I'll meet you in the new wilderness."
— Adrian Verstuyft

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