Future Ghost Wilderness

Satori Hype Records


A feeling of what will be subconscious tomorrow

"Future Ghost Wilderness" is the debut album of Fura Bliss, who started as a painter. "There always is sound when I'm painting and while composing there are always pictures emerging." This synesthesical character shows through all his aural movies.

His music is deeply grounded in an earthen and highly emotional setting. Combining electronic drones and field recordings with soundfonts of acoustic instruments like trombones or a drunken piano Fura Bliss researches the different energies of our physical and psychic reality. "I want to surprise myself. But not at the cost of loosing the flow. That's the difficulty. And sometimes, all of a sudden, there is beauty. Awakening beside the beast. A pure moment I want to hold. It's strange and makes me shiver and... it's like a gift, giving me motivation for the next step."

"The beast", as he tried to describe it, appears as a sometimes haunting or mysterious aspect in his music. But he isn't a devotee of the dark ambient field. "The challenge is to interweave the occult and the profane... to lighten what didn't exist in our view before. And last but not least, to feel the humour in every effort."

On top of the experimental approach he follows, which is audible in the surprising instrumental combination, there is the impression of following hidden screenplays of future movies. By closing your eyes you dive in an adventurous cinematic experience. You're on a quest, not knowing what is awaiting behind the next curve. Fluorescing fragments of scenes, retina paintings of anti-gravity architecture or a wasteyard of rotten energy guns. But: "I'm not depicting science-fiction scenarios." Let's say he maybe is recalling a feeling of what will be subconscious tomorrow. - Satori Hype Records

  © 2007
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